Homeland Security

On Monday, March 17, 2003, the Department of Education and the Homeland Security Agency cooperatively released a notice of general guidelines for schools to follow as the crisis in the Mid-East unfolds. In their notice, they remind local officials to use common sense, be alert, yet responsible, and review all existing emergency procedures in the event our schools are impacted by any occurrence. Please rest assured that our emergency plans are in place and were reviewed by our trained school safety specialist and building administrators as recently as last week. In the event it is necessary to release students, delay the start of school or cancel school entirely, we will utilize the notification methods used when severe weather occurs in the school corporation, and as always, make the best decision that considers the safety of our children first and foremost.

The cooperative release from the Department of Education and Homeland Security Agency states that should an advanced level of alert, such as a code red be issued, they would instruct all governmental entities in the action that is necessary. At Western School Corporation we will follow any state or federal directive issued by the Homeland Security Agency. Our crisis plans will be implemented immediately and proper action will be taken.

Our plan each day is to conduct business in the school as normal. Regular and routine activities in the buildings will be conducted in order to support a calm and safe environment for the students in each building. Please work with the faculty and staff of the school corporation and support our efforts to ensure safety and establish a calm environment for all stakeholders of our schools during these difficult times for our country.

To link to a Parent's Guide for Talking to their Children about War go to http://www.nccev.org/docs/children_war.pdf