Title I Information

Title I Funds Support Student Learning

Title I is a federally funded program that provides money to eligible schools to assist students who are considered “At Risk”.  While there is no formal definition of students’ “At Risk”, Western defines “At Risk” students as students who struggle academically and as a result, are “At Risk” of failing or eventually dropping out of school.  With the additional revenue, schools can provide assistance for the identified students so they can experience academic success.

Title I has specific requirements for using the money we receive.  The main stipulation is that Title I dollars must be used to supplement what every child receives in the classroom, not replace it.  In other words, the assistance an identified student receives must be in addition to or outside the regular classroom instruction so in-class instruction is not lost.

Western currently uses our Title I funding to offer a variety of additional learning opportunities for students in need.  Programs currently offered include:

Primary Intermediate Other expenditure requirements of Title I include parent involvement programs and professional development for teachers.