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Background Check Process for Parents/ Volunteers/ Lay Coaches

Background Check Process for Parents/Volunteers/Lay Coaches

Western School Corporation

Effective July 15th, 2019, the background check process for Parents/Volunteers/Lay Coaches will be on a tiered basis as follows:

LEVEL 3 Volunteer/Visitor: This includes guests who are just visiting the school offices only to pick up/drop off students or to drop items off. Formal background checks are NOT required.

LEVEL 2 Volunteer/Visitor: This includes volunteer/visitors to our schools during the school day who are under supervision of Western School Corporation staff. Examples: Visiting for lunch, attending a special event (i.e. Awards Program.) All individuals wishing to volunteer at Western School Corporation under Level 2, will be required to have a limited criminal background check by submitting Form 8120 F1 for approval. This approval is good for 1 school year at no charge to the parent/volunteer.

  pdf Click Here to complete FORM 8120 F1  (113 KB)

LEVEL 1 Volunteer/Visitor: This includes volunteer/visitors that can possibly have direct and unsupervised interaction with a student (i.e. classroom volunteers, field trips, classroom parties, band/sports parents, and any volunteer/lay coach). For a level 1 volunteer/visitor, an extended background check will be run for any individual under this category. This will require a $15.90 fee, paid by the volunteer/visitor via our outside vendor. The background check will be valid for 3 school years from the date of completion. If the volunteer/visitor/lay coach has lived outside the county/state of Indiana, there will be an additional charge associated with the request. A link to complete this process can be found on the school website.

Click Here to complete the LEVEL 1 Background Check

In the event an offense shows up on an individual’s background check, Western School Corporation will utilize the following criteria as a guideline as to whether or not an individual can volunteer at Western School Corporation.

Drugs (dealing): Lifetime restriction; May not volunteer at Western School Corporation
Convicted Sex Offender: Lifetime restriction; May not volunteer at Western School Corporation
Felony or pending charges for a Felony with the exception of the two above offenses (dealing drugs or convicted sex offender):
May not volunteer if the offense is within the last 10 years
Misdemeanor Charges including but not limited to:
Crime against another person (example: battery)
Drug/Alcohol (consuming or possession of)Theft or Conversion

May not volunteer if within the past 5 years

*If an individual has multiple offenses on their record, dependent on the severity of the offenses, they may not be able to volunteer/visit/coach at Western School Corporation. If we are aware that there are pending charges or the individual has been convicted, the individual will be unable to volunteer/visit/coach at Western School Corporation.

Adopted 07/15/19

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